Introduction to Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry

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Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry is the study of the ocean’s biological, chemical, and geological processes, and their interplay.  Most broadly, Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry is concerned with the structure and function of ecosystems across space and time, including feedbacks between land, atmosphere and ocean. Research backgrounds of our faculty include paleo-reconstruction, population and community ecology, biogeochemical cycling, atmospheric sciences, optics, acoustics, remote sensing, hydrology, deep-biosphere, and climate science. This diversity provides opportunities  to break down traditional disciplinary boundaries and explore new lines of research, and to provide students with basic core knowledge of the traditional disciplines while encouraging them to work more closely at disciplinary interfaces in an earth system science context. Research themes are described here, and provide an overview of some of the work led by the Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry group. Please go to individual faculty pages for more details about specific activities.

The OEB course curriculum at OSU reflects the diversity of research projects conducted by OSU faculty members.The COAS OEB group is seeking students. Guidelines for potential students are provided here.